Wedding ceremony

Wedding officiant | Marriage registrar

(sworn in by the Dutch court of justice in The Hague in 2006)

Congratulations! You are getting married. Everything is almost ready for the most beautiful day in your life, but who is going to officiate your wedding? A wedding ceremony that represents who you two are and that honors your love for each other is what you are looking for on your wedding day.

Of course you can wait till the city where you are getting married assigns you to a marriage registrar. Or you take matters into your own hands by making sure you get the ceremony you want. After all, the wedding officiant is the one whom you´ll entrust one of the most significant events of your life.

“Very personal, warm and dedicated, meaningful and with emotion”, those are the words used by bridal couples referring to my style. To me every ceremony is a co-production. This may sounds businesslike, but as a wedding officiant I find it very important to work together with you, the wedding couple, to make sure the marriage ceremony is the way you want it to be. And for that I am dependent on your input and work. The more open you are, the more connection there will be. And with feeling connected, my inspiration begins.

As I put dedicated time, energy and effort into every ceremony, I only officiate three wedding ceremonies per month. I mostly work in the region Den Haag-Rotterdam-Breda-Utrecht-Amsterdam-Haarlem-Leiden. However, if you want to marry outside this region or even outside the Netherlands, do not hesitate to contact me. Needless to say, I am fluent in English since I lived in the USA for a short period of time. I will be more than happy to officiate your ceremony in English.

Please contact me for more information.